Significant records in cwc19 Worldcup

Cwc19 saw some great events.England won CWC19 final cricket  for the first time.Newzealand again lost another Worldcup final cricket.India lost her semifinal against Newzealand. Australia also failed to reach the final. Rohit Sharma became the highest century holder  in Worldcup cricket with his countryman Sachin Tendulkar. Ben stokes kept a great role to win England first Worldcup trophy.wonderful  bowling by Archer was a significant event for cwc19 Worldcup final cricket.He also kept a vital role to win England cwc19 final cricket.Here we discuss the details .

First worldcup final cricket win by England: 

England won cwc19 final cricket for the first time.It was really a great news.Ben Stokes played very well.Basically he was the real hero.Jofra Archer also did well.

India lost the semifinal:

Cricket giant India lost the semifinal.It was another significant event for cwc19 final cricket.

Newzealand lost another worldcup final:

 NZ lost another worldcup final against the host England.Though Newzealand tried her best.

Heroic cricket by Ben stokes: 

English all-rounder Ben stokes played heroic cricket.He kept a superhuman role to win England worldcup final cricket for the first time.

Australia lost the semifinal: 

cricket giant Australia lost the semifinal against England.It was another significant news for cwc19 worldcup final cricket.

Rohit Sharma became highest century holder in worldcup cricket: 

Rohit Sharma became another highest century holder in worldcup cricket with his countryman Sachin Tendulkar.

Jofra Archer's worldcup:

Jofra Archer is one of the best Pacer in present cricker.He also played  great  cricket.Archer kept a great role to win England first worldcup final.

Captain Eion Morgan: 

English captain Eion Morgan became a unique part of English cricket.Because England won  worldcup final Cricket for first time by his significant captaincy.

Written by provakar chowdhury.